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Cascabel Give Back so far

Cascabel Give Back is an initiative of Cascabel Companies that aims to give back to the community by providing emerging artists with a free music video production that they otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to create. We believe that these videos can help the artists grow exponentially in their careers.

The Snake Tournament – 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of The Snake Tournament of Ping Pong was an exciting and engaging event that brought together partners, customers, friends, and family to compete in both singles and doubles tournaments. Held at the beautiful cascabel studios, the atmosphere was lively and the competition fierce.

Hands On Orbiter at Cascabel Studios

Recently, Cascabel Studios had the honor of hosting Arri’s “Hands On Orbiter” event, where we were lucky enough to have Technical Sales Esteban Umana visit and educate us on the new functionalities and accessories of the Arri orbiter. The event was truly amazing, and we were able to learn a great deal about the technology behind film-making, which is constantly evolving at an incredible pace.

Cascabel GiveBack 2 – Laen – In My City

The latest project, Cascabel Giveback 2, is a continuation of the company’s efforts to support and promote new talent. The project is an experience like no other, where a free video clip production is given away to an artist who does not have the funds for a professional music video.

Available Position – Studio Host Supervisor

The Studio Host Supervisor is the person who mainly assists clients during check-in and check-out.
Is responsible for answering any questions the clients may have.