Cascabel Give Back so far

Cascabel Give Back is an initiative of Cascabel Companies that aims to give back to the community by providing emerging artists with a free music video production that they otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to create. We believe that these videos can help the artists grow exponentially in their careers.

Our first Cascabel Give Back winner was Alyssa Marie Coon, a country artist with a beautiful song called “A Little Bit in Love.” The video was directed by the famous Nuno Gomes, with Zitro as director of photography and Andrea Rodriguez as producer. It was an incredible team effort, with everyone donating their time and talent to help Alyssa. The result was a stunning music video that showcased Alyssa’s talent and personality.

Following the success of Cascabel Give Back 1, we recently completed Cascabel Give Back 2, which was won by Laen, a Latin urban artist with a powerful song called “In My City.” Once again, the video was shot at Cascabel Studios, and everyone involved donated their time and talent to help bring Laen’s vision to life. This time, the video was directed by Francisco Useche, with Carlos Gomez as director of photography and Andrea Rodriguez as producer. The concept was creative and full of colors, and we can’t wait to share it with the public once it’s ready.

We want to thank everyone who participated in these amazing experiences, from the directors and producers to every single person who donated their time and equipment. At Cascabel Companies, we’re incredibly proud of our Cascabeleros and their commitment to giving back to the community. Stay tuned for Cascabel Give Back 3, because we’re not stopping anytime soon!