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What better time to create a hybrid monster than Halloween?

“Cascabel Inferno” is an interactive digital artwork for Social Media, which combines the structure of hell, described in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, with Icons of Horror from our pop culture, all represented using traditional digital Illustration mixed with the latest in image generation by artificial intelligence. 

The First Circle, Limbo:
Freddy Krueger finds himself on futuristic Elm Street, where the people NEVER sleep.

El Limbo

The Second Circle, Lust:
Count Dracula meets Jessica Rabbit, one of the most emblematic Sex-Symbols of our times, Dracula will be a slave to her charms as he cannot turn her into a vampire, because Rabbit is an animation, she’s immune to the Count’s powers.

La Lujuria

The Third Circle, Gluttony:
Hannibal Lecter is both executioner and condemned, he must eat others who also sin with Gluttony but no matter how much he eats he will never be satisfied. He is escorted by 2 demons who guarantee that he fulfills his duties eternally.

La Gula

The Fourth Circle, Greed:
The Goblin plays with the misers, who blindly pursue money without realizing that it leads them to fall into the abyss, Lucifer has promised Lubdan (The Goblin) that the day the last miser falls into the abyss, he will get his Pot of Gold back.

In this way Lubdan falls victim to his own trap, since being a miser himself, he would have to jump into the abyss last.

La Avaricia

The Fifth Circle, The Wrath:
Pennywise unleashes all his power, however Georgie is no longer afraid of him, the clown’s frustration makes him live eternally angry.

La Ira

The Sixth Circle, The Heresy:
The Pinhead Priest, is a creature of hell, is responsible for punishing heretics by burning their graves. To those he considers good candidates he offers favors in exchange for their help in dethroning Lucifer.

In order to create the perfect Heretic, Lucifer needed the Priest to not recognize any authority, not even his own. Pinhead’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness, as he always tries to betray Lucifer, he is always one step ahead of him, Pinhead’s punishment is to fail forever.

La Herejía

The Seventh Circle, The Violence:
Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees 2 of the most violent characters in the world of horror, condemned to fight each other eternally in the coliseum of hell.

La Violencia

The Eighth Circle, The Fraud:
Tobin Bell better known as Jigsaw during his macabre games made people kill others, he sold himself as a kind of savior who sought to teach the true value of life and punish those who did not appreciate it, but all this was a fraud, a hypocrisy, a lie, in reality he was just looking to quench his thirst for revenge.

His punishment is to be the prey, the toy of a macabre predator, a 3-headed snake that throws lava through its mouth.

El Fraude

The Ninth Circle, The Betrayal:
Betrayal is Lucifer’s greatest sin, perhaps for that reason the last circle of hell is reserved for traitors like him, among them: Judas Iscariot, Cain and finally Jack Torrance, the latter betrayed his family, letting a demon take over out of his weak mind and try to murder his family.

His punishment is to be tortured by being a victim over and over again of his own actions.

La Traición

Each of the images, in addition to Art, contains clues and riddles for Cascabel’s followers, those who solve them will have the opportunity to win various prizes (list of prizes and conditions here).

Cascabel Inferno created by:
Miguel De Sa.

Story by:
Miguel De Sa y Carlos Gomez.

Traditional Digital Illustration:
JL Blanco.

Ai Generative Artist:
Marat Lussurioso.