Cascabel Companies

For the last three years, cascabel has been providing top-of-the-line grip and lighting services, working with the field’s best directors and production companies.

Now, Cascabel Companies is expanding with Cascabel Studios to provide one of the best Studio Rentals in Miami plus an entire experience from Workshops, Events, Give Backs to our community, and much more.

Stay Tunned. Join our community; this is going to be Amazing!

The feud is over! Hollywood writers’ strike comes to an end.

The writers’ strike ended after reaching an agreement with the production companies; the Hollywood actors’ strike still remains in effect. As of the first minute of September 27, the restriction will be lifted, and the Hollywood writers’ strike that began on May 2 will come to an end. The board of the Writers Guild of …

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Black November @ Cascabel Studios

Cascabel Studios presents our spectacular ‘Black November’ special, featuring Black Friday prices throughout the entire month! Dive into our exclusive offer with two options: Side A and Side B. Discover the all-new Studio M and the Loft Apartment, both included in this amazing deal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Secure your booking now. Visit …

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#CascabelGiveback 3 Winner – Cabaleta!

“Cascabel Giveback” is an exciting initiative by Cascabel Companies. Within the framework of this initiative, we provide emerging talents with the opportunity to produce a high-quality music video free of charge. The first edition of Cascabel Giveback was awarded to the talented country artist Alyssa Marie Coon for her captivating song “A Little Bit in …

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Exciting Developments at Cascabel Studios: New Spaces and Special Launch Offer!

At Cascabel Studios, we are constantly seeking ways to provide a more comprehensive service to our valued customers. For this reason, we are working on creating new spaces that can cater to the needs of productions of various sizes and characteristics, always aligning with the budget of each project. Soon, we will be introducing several …

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Recap: The Snake Tournament of Ping Pong – Third Edition

The Snake Tournament of Ping Pong is not just a competition; it’s an opportunity for our community to come together in a healthy and friendly environment (with air conditioning!). On Saturday, September 16th, we celebrated the third edition of this exciting tournament at Cascabel Studios. We enjoyed music, made new friends, and, of course, played …

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Así Fue el Segundo Hanashi Nights con Milcho y Sergio Novelli – ES

El pasado jueves 24 de agosto, se llevó a cabo con gran éxito el segundo Hanashi Nights en Cascabel Studios, donde tuvimos el honor de contar con la participación de la destacada Directora Milcho y el renombrado periodista Sergio Novelli. El evento nos sorprendió gratamente con la presencia de la reconocida locutora Michelle Dernersissian, quien …

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